Rebate Existing Account

Clients who already have an account with IC Markets broker but haven’t received any rebates or cashback so far, you’ve come to the right site. Here you have the opportunity to get ic markets rebates up to 0.3 pips from every trade you make, both profit and loss


# How to get IC Markets Rebate for Existing Account

We are very happy that you are interested to join our ib network, We have worked with more than 1000 traders around the world, they have been using our services since 2015.


** OPTION 1 **

If your ic markets account is not under another IB and you want to be under our ib,  you need to send an email to using your registered email.

The following is an example of an email that you should send :

Dear IC Markets Partner

I’m very interesting join with IB Code 2424,

Please place my account numbers ( Put all your account number with IC Markets ) under ib code 2424

I want to be under this group not only at MT4/MT5 account level, but at profile level.


Best Regards,

Your Name

After you get confirmation from ic markets that you have been transferred to our ib, immediately contact us via email for our team to make sure your trading account is really under our ib group.

Note : You need to send an email every time you create a new account at ic markets


** OPTION 2 **

If your ic markets account is under another IB and you want to be under our IB :

  1. Create a new user profile with a new email address and use our ib link
    Tick the box ” I was referred by an Introducing Broker ” Refer ID 2424
    For Open New Account –> Open Live Account
  2. Upload the required documents in your IC Markets Secure Client Area to create your live accounts. MT4, MT5 and/or cTrader accounts.
  3. Transfer your funds from the old account to the new account by emailing
  4. Email us to to confirm joined with us
  5. The cashback will be calculated since the trader email to us and declared ” Under Us ” by our validation team.
  6. If you need additional confirmation, send an email to to check if your accounts are linked to the IB 2424 discount group.


Rebate existing account for ic markets broker is for all client who want join with us. The profesional and beginner traders are welcome, take advantage of our services to save your trading costs.


Join with us and get the rebate today