IC Markets Account Verification, How To ?

IC Markets Account VerificationAn important part that should not be missed when you have successfully opened an account at broker ic markets is to verify your account, By uploading the required documents in your client area.

When you want to verify, there are two documents that are needed, ID Card for ID verification and a checking account for address verification. Then, how to verify the IC Markets account ? Please read some of the following IC Markets account verification guides 

# IC Markets Account Verification

  1. Please log in to your ic markets client area, click here
  2. Click on ” Upload Documents ”
    IC Markets Account Verification Guides 3
  3. After that, a new page will appear in front of you where you have to submit the required information to verify the account. Please upload your copy ID card and copy of your bank statement.
    IC Markets Account Verification Guides
  4. Once you are done, the ic markets broker team will check your documents. If your document is approved, then the status is as shown below
    IC Markets Account Verification Guides 2

You have completed IC Markets account verification, you can start trading on your IC Markets account. Before trading, you need to make a deposit on your trading account. And make sure you have the funds $200/€200/£200, because the ic markets minimum deposit is $200/€200/£200.

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