Here are some common questions that traders often ask

  • Whats is ic markets cashback or ic markets rebate ?
    IC Markets Cashback or IC Markets Rebate is the return of most of the spreads or trading commissions paid by clients to IC Markets brokers.
  • How much ic market rebate do I get ?
    We give rebate of 75% of ib commission to clients, this is equal to 0.3 Pips on standard accounts and $1.5 per lot on Raw Spreads accounts.
  • Do my spreads increase ? 
    No, Your trading conditions will be the same as if you did not join our affiliate. There are no spreads and no trading commission increases.
  • Are there any (hidden) costs by using ICFXpips.com ?
    No. It costs you nothing. No catch, no (hidden) costs. It is a true benefit for any client. Guaranteed.
  • Does it matter if my trades win or lose ?
    No. You receive a discount for every lot you trade, regardless of whether the trade won or lost.
  • Can ICFXpips.com access my account ?
    No, your trading account is protected by a password, we cannot access it unless you give us access.

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